Humana Spectra (Visual EP) 


  1. Fear Of Change, Fear Of Feeling

  2. Forever Forest

  3. Humana Spectra

  4. It's Time, Finally

  5. Fear Of Change, Fear Of Feeling (Extended Orchestral) 

  6. Humana Spectra (Orchestral)

  7. It’s Time Finally (Instrumental) 

New Album 
"Humana Spectra" 
Out everywhere! 

I want to confute the boundaries of gender expression. Within the queer community, but also in the public sphere, there is this thing that people still expect you to “choose” sides between man and woman. With “Humana Spectra”, I want to tell my story and show that there are no boundaries within human spectra. I see the spectrum of gender, but actually all kinds of spectra, as something limitless. Compare it to the galaxy, where stars and space are just endlessly going on.

Madness Took Me

Coming in 2022

“Madness Took me” is a world I want to create within my artistic practise. It’s going to be a music album where I portray my gender fluid process, but also it’s darker side. The music itself is going to be tragic & melancholic, and vocals are accompanied by violins, orchestra and piano. I want the audience to step into my reality as someone who is gender fluid. 

About Me

Sammy Malary

Dutch, (6th May 1998) 


Sammy Malary is a Dutch digital artist and singer-songwriter. Malary’s layered & colourful digital paintings focus on abstraction. She is very passionate about alternative, queer and open-minded communities and uses music to tackle social topics such as gender, sexuality and mental health.

Inspired by Lana Del Rey & Florence + The Machine, Malary combines melancholy and hope with influences from pop culture. During the summer of 2020, she started singing and writing songs which eventually lead to the debut album: “Fantastic Abyss”. Varying from alternative/indie music to dreamy pop songs, Sammy Malary wants to invite you to her personal journey.



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